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Moxie Maxwell has the experience, knowledge, and technologies to stabilize and expand your marketing strategies.  I can help you build a plan for your products or business, strategize on growing them exponentially, and help you reach a broader range of customers.

I have several different venues on which to handle the advertising aspect of your marketing strategy.  From helping you identify and broaden your customer base to assisting you with magnificent advertising mediums. 
Our present customer base can be used to help your business reach more people in different ways while benefiting you and our current customers. 
Our present customer base can be used to help your business reach more people in different ways while benefiting you and our current customers.  As new customers are brought on board our current customer base benefits by reaching out to a broader range of customers.  So the more we grow, the more your business grows.  How can we make this happen?

Advertising Mediums

Media Screens

Media Screens are placed in local businesses at a minimal cost to them to display 20 second paid advertisements.  The benefit of paying for the advertising on our media screens is that you choose the locations you want your advertisements to be seen in.  So if a new business adds one of our media screens to their location, then that means broader exposure for your business at a minimal cost.

Restaurant Placemats

Advertise on place mats available at your favorite dining facility. This type of advertisement gets your business attention from smaller demographical areas but stands out among frequent customers in the establishment as well as tourists.

Professional Printing

We have all the necessary tools and experience to make your printed advertisements stand out. Full color printing on almost any surface you want your advertisement seen on. Pens, flash drives, t-shirts, signs, banners, we do it all and do it right.  Stop in and speak with one of our sales associates to get full details on how Gimme Systems can help you.

Knowledgeable Staff

The staff at Gimme Systems are top notch when it comes to your marketing needs. We can help you make your marketing plan and help you implement the strategies behind it. We've made it our business to get to know the local businesses and the local customer base. We use marketing strategies that are tried and true and we know how to tailor fit them to your needs. Let our broad range of technologies benefit you at a low cost to high output ratio and watch your business grow.